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Dress For A Kizomba Class, Kizomba, Kizomba Class -

There is a way my daughter lights up when she hears her favorite dance songs. She points to her prettiest swishiest skirt while shrieking, ‘Ballet! Ballet!’ and beckons on me to put it on for her. Then the joy in her eyes when she’s swinging away in it. I know, right? Who doesn’t want to feel like a princess and twirl around the room? And that’s the sweetness of dancing, the ability to escape for a moment into another world where everything is perfect. How Does Costume Affect Dance? It’s very easy to see that costumes provide enchantment for dance...

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African-American man’s closet, Fashion And Grooming Tips -

What should be in the modern African-American man’s closet? What are those items he must possess to have a wardrobe he is  proud of? The goal of this article is to not only present a visual guide of clothing essentials, but also to help you understand the foundations of true style so you can look at something and determine if it’s in sync with who you are and your stylistic beliefs. Some may argue that dressing the black man should not be that deep but it is, because clothes are unspoken language. Every time a black man dresses up, he...

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best-dressed pop star, Wizkid a fashion icon -

 Also known as Starboy and Bigwiz, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun is a man of style, the best-dressed pop star. In his interview with Alex Frank of Vogue magazine in 2016, his response to the question about his style icon being Pharell reveals his high sartorial inclinations. He went on to say, ‘It’s not about the brands. It’s how you put them together.’ This is the secret code of every stylish person; understanding the how of putting together a look and this response shows you that Wizkid gets it. Although critics may bemoan his lack of a message or world view and...

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Body Types for Men, Clothes For Your Body Type -

Just like we cannot choose the family we are born into, we also cannot choose the bodies we are born with. The good news however, is that we can choose how we dress  the bodies we are born with. Fashion changes but your body type may not change as much remains. So how do you adopt fashion to suit your body type?     First of all understand that not all fashions will suit your body type.  If a trend does not agree with your body type, it’s best to sit it out. Secondly, dressing well consists of several factors including good...

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