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Many cultures have the tunic as well as different ways of wearing it. In the Nigerian culture, the men’s tunic is called different names depending on the fabric and type of pattern on the fabric. If it’s a plain material like cotton, linen, or other suit fabrics it is referred to as Senator, if the fabric has a lion motif, it is referred to as Isi-Agu, when made with Ankara  it is referred to as Native, and if it is a part of a 4-piece traditional ensemble made from Aso-Oke or lace, the tunic becomes an inner wear and  is referred to as Buba.

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African-American man’s closet, Body Types for Men, Clothes For Your Body Type, Fashion And Grooming Tips -

80’s fashion is unforgettable because the 80s were a decade of decadence. This decade was also the golden age of TV with some of the most entertaining and influential TV shows like Family Ties, Family Matters, A Different World, The Cosby Show and soap operas like Dynasty and Dallas.

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African-American man’s closet, Fashion And Grooming Tips -

What should be in the modern African-American man’s closet? What are those items he must possess to have a wardrobe he is  proud of? The goal of this article is to not only present a visual guide of clothing essentials, but also to help you understand the foundations of true style so you can look at something and determine if it’s in sync with who you are and your stylistic beliefs. Some may argue that dressing the black man should not be that deep but it is, because clothes are unspoken language. Every time a black man dresses up, he...

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