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80s Fashion Comeback: The Button-Up Shirt

I am an 80s girl and I vividly remember jelly sandals, shoulder pad suits, big blow-out hair, bright colored bags, and funky earrings in every color of the rainbow in my mother’s wardrobe. The 80s was a time of bigger, bolder, and crazier.

What is all the rage with 80s fashion?

80’s fashion is unforgettable because the 80s were a decade of decadence. This decade was also the golden age of TV with some of the most entertaining and influential TV shows like Family Ties, Family Matters, A Different World, The Cosby Show and soap operas like Dynasty and Dallas.

Why 80’s fashion is back in 2022

The minimalist fashion of the 2010s and the pall of the Covid pandemic makes it no surprise that fashion is celebrating life with maximalism and color. For men’s 80s fashion however, all I want to remember is Al Pacino’s style as Tony Montana in Scarface. With colored oversized suits, flamboyant shirts with spread collars and the top half of the shirt’s button undone; Al Pacino was the real OG. Smoking hot, smoking bad, he made being a drug lord appealing.


Why you need an 80s button-up shirt

If you are looking to take a break from the frenzied pace of daily life, relish the nostalgia of simpler times and rediscover your individuality, the 80s button-up shirt is a good starting point 1980s fashion was loud and proud in a good way. Men embraced colourful dressing in neon colors a look that was known as fluro and style was copied from original and influential music, movies and shows. The bold patterned shirts were comfortable and usually worn with cotton pants as seen below on Tony Montana in Scarface.


Where to buy the 80’s button-up shirt

The 80s button-up shirt has become a wardrobe essential for beach frolics, long walks, and night outs. A vintage store is a good place to look for an original piece. But if you are opting for a retro look, the Ajay’s modern button-up shirt from JoeStylee is a good buy. If you are a lady reading this, you can get it as a surprise gift for your significant other for when you need him to channel some Al Pacino badness.


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