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The holidays provide an opportunity for families and friends to bond, share love and spend quality time together. This means there are lots of invitations to parties and outings. For fathers, invitations to parties mean dressing up which can give rise to confusion about what to wear. Here’s a list of dapper celebrity Dads to inspire your festive holiday wardrobe. What is Festive Holiday Style and how to dress for it? Festive holiday style is simply cocktail attire with festive flair that can be worn to formal Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve parties or your Christmas photo shoot.  The hall...

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You’ve managed to grab a 5-day vacation to recharge and refresh amidst a very stressful routine, congrats! You already imagine opening the doors of your hotel room, taking in the astonishing view and taking beautiful pictures but suddenly remember that you don’t have a vacation ready wardrobe. Aaargh! The thought of what to pack is suddenly blowing hot air on your breezy vacation for which you’ve already compiled hashtags - #adventure #passion #style.  (I know right?) Packing insta-worthy outfits starts with having a quick run-down of what you need from head to toe literally and then visualizing the activities you...

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