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Summer is over but you haven’t gotten the wear out of your summer wardrobe the way you love to. Here’s how to work your summer dresses in fall. Understand Layering Layering basically means wearing garments over each other. Layers can be added or removed based on temperature, and a combination of layers can be used to create different looks. The three types of layers are the inner layer, the mid layer and the outer layer. Transition your Summer Dress for Fall - Layer Out Layering out requires picking a snazzy outer layer to wear over your summer dress. Capes and...

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I love the ease and mystery of the poncho. It’s the perfect slip-on blouse to hide bulges and to layer. You can wear it over anything, dress it up or down and have it in any fiber and color imaginable. If you are a mom like me, the poncho is a lifesaver. Need to slap on something fashionable to pick the kids up from school without looking you tried too hard? The poncho is it.  The poncho has had short bursts of fame on the fashion stage which fizzled out. However the demand for lounge wear during the pandemic hints...

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