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Styling The Women’s Vintage Poncho

I love the ease and mystery of the poncho. It’s the perfect slip-on blouse to hide bulges and to layer. You can wear it over anything, dress it up or down and have it in any fiber and color imaginable. If you are a mom like me, the poncho is a lifesaver. Need to slap on something fashionable to pick the kids up from school without looking you tried too hard? The poncho is it. 

The poncho has had short bursts of fame on the fashion stage which fizzled out. However the demand for lounge wear during the pandemic hints that the poncho and all other slip-on able clothing like the hoodie are here to stay. It combines the practicality of lounge wear with the sensibility of casual wear and the vibes of cocktail attire.

Where Did The Poncho Come From? 

Originating in South America, ponchos were originally a hand loomed cloth that looked like a cloak and were made in bold colors. The poncho bears some similarities to the African agbada with the difference being that the agbada is joined at the edges whereas the poncho falls loosely. The edges of the poncho can hang parallel like a square, or diagonally, like a diamond.

The Vintage Poncho

The most noticeable elements of vintage ponchos is the presence of embroidery, tassels and fringe. The shape could be asymmetrical or square but definitely has s is less likely to be a wrap as is common wand patterns are ith poncho designs today.  Scroll down to see how you can style the vintage poncho for different situations.

Styling The Women’s Vintage Poncho | Joe Stylee


Out And About With The Poncho

The simplest, most straight forward way to wear a poncho is to wear a simple T-shirt underneath and pair it with skinny jeans and heels. In cold weather, replace the T-shirt with a turtleneck.

Styling The Women’s Vintage Poncho | Joe Stylee

Work-Ready Poncho Style

How do you make a poncho look formal? Wear a long sleeve shirt under the poncho and button up the collars, then pair with work pants and nice shoes. If wearing with a skirt, break up the diagonal look with a belt, to add interest.

Work-Ready Poncho Style

Party Wear

Ponchos are the perfect in-between attire for bridging the gap between day and night. Pair them with a little halter dress or short skirt for cocktail shenanigans.


Styling The Women’s Vintage Poncho | Joe Stylee


Vintage Beach Vibes Poncho 

Yes, you can wear your vintage patterned poncho to the beach. They are the perfect cover-up for a swimsuit or can be paired with shorts and flip flops for an aura of summer casual.

Styling The Women’s Vintage Poncho | Joe Stylee


Vintage ponchos are the most charismatic outerwear. No matter the emotion you want to express there’s a poncho that says it all. Do you like the vintage poncho below? Shop it here. We love to hear from you. Tell us how you style your poncho in the comments.

Styling The Women’s Vintage Poncho | Joe Stylee



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