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Summer is over but you haven’t gotten the wear out of your summer wardrobe the way you love to. Here’s how to work your summer dresses in fall. Understand Layering Layering basically means wearing garments over each other. Layers can be added or removed based on temperature, and a combination of layers can be used to create different looks. The three types of layers are the inner layer, the mid layer and the outer layer. Transition your Summer Dress for Fall - Layer Out Layering out requires picking a snazzy outer layer to wear over your summer dress. Capes and...

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The most googled dress code for men is Business Casual. Why? Because Business Casual is the ultimate fashion paradox. It’s basically saying, ‘Be laid-back, but business like at the same time. ‘ The average man’s mind goes, ‘How does that work? ‘How am I supposed to show that with an outfit?’ The confusion about what business casual attire means, stems from the fact that it is dependent on the type of organization you work for, the climate, the culture (i.e., company culture and geography) and the age of the employees. What is Business Casual for men? Business Casual is about...

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If you are 5’11 like me, finding the right work pants or jeans that are long enough and fit properly in all the right places can be a real pain in the butt, literally. Growing up, I always had to buy trousers a size bigger, then give it to a tailor for alterations. Imagine all that stress. Any need to wonder why I prefer skirts and dresses to pants? Why I love flared skirts and why you should too Skirts are one of the simplest, yet elegant and sophisticated clothing item a woman can own. If you are looking to...

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Many cultures have the tunic as well as different ways of wearing it. In the Nigerian culture, the men’s tunic is called different names depending on the fabric and type of pattern on the fabric. If it’s a plain material like cotton, linen, or other suit fabrics it is referred to as Senator, if the fabric has a lion motif, it is referred to as Isi-Agu, when made with Ankara  it is referred to as Native, and if it is a part of a 4-piece traditional ensemble made from Aso-Oke or lace, the tunic becomes an inner wear and  is referred to as Buba.

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80’s fashion is unforgettable because the 80s were a decade of decadence. This decade was also the golden age of TV with some of the most entertaining and influential TV shows like Family Ties, Family Matters, A Different World, The Cosby Show and soap operas like Dynasty and Dallas.

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