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Discover the unique and stylish clothing options from Joe Stylee, a proudly black-owned fashion brand offering 20% off for President's Day. With a focus on afro-inspired fashion, the brand celebrates African culture and heritage with bold and vibrant patterns and more subtle and sophisticated styles. From tops and dresses to accessories, Joe Stylee has something for everyone. Shop now and take advantage of this amazing offer.

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All the magical rom-com movies of finding love during the holidays make a winter wedding in a celebrity inspired wedding dress, the perfect festive tale. Read on to see our top picks of celebrity wedding dresses and what brides-to-be can borrow from them. Who's to say this can't serve as your something borrowed? Celebrity Cape-Calls From being used by actors to disappear on stage to being used by military officials and royals, capes have an intriguing history. They are the perfect way to make an entrance: sweeping, show-stopping and sophisticated.  Fashion designers over the centuries have reinvented capes for formal...

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The holidays provide an opportunity for families and friends to bond, share love and spend quality time together. This means there are lots of invitations to parties and outings. For fathers, invitations to parties mean dressing up which can give rise to confusion about what to wear. Here’s a list of dapper celebrity Dads to inspire your festive holiday wardrobe. What is Festive Holiday Style and how to dress for it? Festive holiday style is simply cocktail attire with festive flair that can be worn to formal Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve parties or your Christmas photo shoot.  The hall...

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Summer is over but you haven’t gotten the wear out of your summer wardrobe the way you love to. Here’s how to work your summer dresses in fall. Understand Layering Layering basically means wearing garments over each other. Layers can be added or removed based on temperature, and a combination of layers can be used to create different looks. The three types of layers are the inner layer, the mid layer and the outer layer. Transition your Summer Dress for Fall - Layer Out Layering out requires picking a snazzy outer layer to wear over your summer dress. Capes and...

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The most googled dress code for men is Business Casual. Why? Because Business Casual is the ultimate fashion paradox. It’s basically saying, ‘Be laid-back, but business like at the same time. ‘ The average man’s mind goes, ‘How does that work? ‘How am I supposed to show that with an outfit?’ The confusion about what business casual attire means, stems from the fact that it is dependent on the type of organization you work for, the climate, the culture (i.e., company culture and geography) and the age of the employees. What is Business Casual for men? Business Casual is about...

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