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What To Pack For A 5-day Vacation– Sis Stylee

You’ve managed to grab a 5-day vacation to recharge and refresh amidst a very stressful routine, congrats! You already imagine opening the doors of your hotel room, taking in the astonishing view and taking beautiful pictures but suddenly remember that you don’t have a vacation ready wardrobe. Aaargh! The thought of what to pack is suddenly blowing hot air on your breezy vacation for which you’ve already compiled hashtags - #adventure #passion #style.  (I know right?)

Packing insta-worthy outfits starts with having a quick run-down of what you need from head to toe literally and then visualizing the activities you would be engaging in. Are you going to have long lazy days soaking up all the goodness of your environment or are you going sightseeing? Your answer will determine the contents of your holiday wardrobe. Here’s a simple glam guide for a sight-seeing vacation.  

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What hair are you going to be wearing? If you are team natural make sure you pack your essential hair products for keeping your hair beautiful. The go-to-vacation hair style for black women is braids you can put it up or let it down without having to worry about a bad hair day. When you are on vacation, bad hair is something you don’t want to worry about. If you don’t have time to get braids, grab a wig.


I am not a beauty maestro but I do like to have the famed vacation glow. Sheer foundation, bronzer, highlighter and lip gloss are the go-to products for getting the coveted sun-kissed look.


This is where it gets tricky because travel is only as exotic as the vacation outfits you pack (resort wear designers know it’s not where you travel but how you travel). Instead of cramming your bag with different outfits for different looks, pick out versatile vacation pieces that can be dressed up or down. My top pick vacation pieces are camisole midi/ maxi dresses, rompers and 2-piece beach sets. 

Camisole Dresses are perfect for doing all the touristy things you set out to do like visiting a local museum or gallery, taking photos from the highest points of the city, visiting a national park, shopping, going to the beach amongst others.   Camisole dresses promise ease and comfort. Be sure to pack one jacket that can be worn over them when you need warmth.

           What To Pack For A 5-day Vacation– Sis Stylee    

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Matching sets are the foundation of any vacation wardrobe. To dress up a 2-piece set, remove the top and replace with a satin cowl neck blouse that goes along with the bottom. Pair with heels and get ready for dinner at a local restaurant or go to a concert. Shop matching separates here scroll below for inspiration on how to wear matching sets.


What To Pack For A 5-day Vacation– Sis Stylee

Footwear – For a 5-day vacation, the most you need is 3 pairs - 1 pair of dress shoes, 1 pair of walking shoes and 1 pair of sandals. Wear the bulkiest shoe on the day of your trip, so you don’t weigh down your luggage.

Don’t forget accessories

I believe the best accessories are bought on holidays because they allow you create memories. If you are going to a really touristy location, make sure you buy something special that gives you style and instant glam. If not, bring your own. Topping the list of must have holiday accessories are big-cover-up sunglasses (sometimes you just want to go incognito mode), hats, scarves, umbrellas purses and funky jewelry. Accessories are the exclamation marks of your jet-set holiday outfit, use them generously.

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