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How To Dress For A Kizomba Class

There is a way my daughter lights up when she hears her favorite dance songs. She points to her prettiest swishiest skirt while shrieking, ‘Ballet! Ballet!’ and beckons on me to put it on for her. Then the joy in her eyes when she’s swinging away in it. I know, right? Who doesn’t want to feel like a princess and twirl around the room? And that’s the sweetness of dancing, the ability to escape for a moment into another world where everything is perfect.

How Does Costume Affect Dance?

It’s very easy to see that costumes provide enchantment for dance since a 2 year old already understands that swishy skirts make dancing more fun. If dance is the ability to escape into another world, costumes give this escape realness and fluidity.Costumes have been worn for ages as long as dance itself to portray different characters and as a medium of self expression. Many dancers were icons of style and enhanced dance through their focus on costume, jewels and fashion. Fashion’s love affair with ballet is well known but there is not much information about how fashion has forged a Kizomba style. So, now to Kizomba what it is and how do you dress for a Kizomba class?

What is Kizomba?

Kizomba is a Kimbundu word meaning ‘party’ and is both a type of music genre and a dance style originating from Angola.It is a slow, romantic dance where the leader guides the follower using his right  arm and torso. When Samba dancers from Angola started slowing their dance steps to the tempo of the Kizomba music, Kizomba dance was born.Kizomba is sometimes called the ‘African Tango’. This is mainly due to the Cuban elements in the dance infused from Cuba’s presence in Angola during its civil war.

What is Urban Kiz?

Urban Kiz is a couple dance derived from Kizomba. This is Kizomba that has been influenced by a wealth of styles as a result of the dance being exported to other countries. Urban Kiz can be danced to Ghetto-Zouk, Hip-Hop, R&B and Rap; and Urban Kiz is most likely the type of Kizomba you had your first contact with.

How To Dress For A Kizomba Class?

Since Kizomba is a dance of steps and not many turns, women need something free for the lower body but can be fitted at the upper body.  Women can pick from a variety of outfit combinations including tea length dresses or short fit and flare dresses, leotard top and high waist trousers, crop-top and leggings, casual jeans and top, a tunic and leggings, or a stretchy jumpsuit. Not to forget heels. Heels give a certain daintiness to the elegant footwork required of the dance and enhance the sway of the hips.

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For men, a nice T-shirt and jeans, or a fitted shirt and pants work well with sport shoes.


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Where To Buy Kizomba Dresses or Outfits For Men & Women

As a dance with an African origin, it is good to wear something that is African inspired when going for a Kizomba class. An African inspired short wax skirt paired with a fitted top (shown below) can be purchased here from  For men, this tunic (shown below) can be paired with pants or jeans.


Dance is indeed a catalyst for fashion. Fashion designers have often been inspired by the ardent bodies of dancers creating entirely new styles of dress serving as flexible forms of expression. The Tango Visite or semi-evening gown for example, was a new style of dress created because of the Tango Teas. The Tango Visite was a dress that could be worn on afternoons and yet not be too warm for dancing. 

From ballet to tango, fashion has always drawn from dance to produce clothing that allows for beauty of expression.   Just like Tango inspired the Tango Visite, I hope Kizomba dance inspires you to take a closer look at African inspired fashion and its intrinsic beauty.


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