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10 Tasteful Ways to Style A Teal Trouser Suit

Trouser suits are not my thing style wise as I am more of a dress girl, but I find it intriguing and hold it in high esteem, for helping women in the past hold their own at work especially in male dominated professions. The trouser suit was the ultimate image equalizer, giving women equal footing and respect at work.

Then came the 2010s, Michelle Obama became the First Lady of the United States and she used her pretty dresses to show that women can celebrate their femininity at work without feeling that they have to dress like men to be taken seriously. Her love for dresses ushered in the frock era of workwear; changing perceptions about how powerful women are supposed to dress.

Trouser Suits for Today’s Woman

Women have broken records, pushed boundaries and are no longer expected to dress a certain way to prove their worth. Nevertheless, trouser suits are still a go-to for speedy power dressing. I take two teal suits from online retailers Amazon and Asos and show 10 ways to style them.

For An Interview - We no longer need suits to give us power because every day, we break glass ceilings. Nonetheless, we don’t mind a little suit help for pumping up the confidence.

 Teal Suit Womens - Trouser Suits for Today’s Woman

For some Baseball Chic – A baseball cap is a chic way to hide a bad hair day or anything else while still packing a punch in a suit, paired with loafers and a backpack.

 Trouser Suits for Today’s Woman- For Baseball Chic

For a Regular Day at Work - Remove the work blues with this floral shirt, paired with platforms.

 Trouser Suits for Today’s Woman- For Regular Day at Work


T-shirt with Suit Look – The T-shirt is the wardrobe staple that let’s your suit say, ‘I am serious, but I also know how to play.’


 Trouser Suits for Today’s Woman- T-shirt with Suit Look

For Wedding Guest Affairs – Wearing a teal pant suit is sure to make you stand out (in a nice way) from a sea of dresses.


 Trouser Suits for Today’s Woman- For Wedding Guest Affairs


For Business Travel – Maximize your luggage space by packing a trousersuit for your next business trip. Wear them as separates and watch your travel wardrobe expand.


Trouser Suits for Today’s Woman- For Business Travel


For Happy Hour – Unwind after work but take no stylish chances because you just may meet the one.

Trouser Suits for Today’s Woman - For Happy Hour

For Bridesmaid Duties – Apart from being very edgy and modern, you are actually going to be able to wear your suit again. Win-win!

Trouser Suits for Today’s Woman- For Bridesmaid Duties

For an Award Night - You put in the hard work and its recognition time, but you don’t know what to wear and don’t want the hassle of finding the perfect dress. A teal trouser suit paired with a fringe camisole blouse and delectable heels will come in handy here.

 Trouser Suits for Today’s Woman- For an Award Night

For a Graduation Ceremony – A teal pant suit is just what you need for giving speeches, bidding farewell and locking-up memories.

 Trouser Suits for Today’s Woman- For a Graduation Ceremony


Do you still need a reason to wear pant suits?

Borrow a leaf from former First Lady of the United State, Hilary Clinton who started wearing pant suits after a photographer took an up-the-skirt picture of her outfit revealing her lingerie in a way that was suggestive. (Read more about this here.) She simply resorted to wearing pantsuits to avoid a future recurrence and before long, pantsuits became her trademark.

Trouser suits are not just about wearing matching jackets and trousers but about tapping into the potency of a suit; the suit halo that commends respect, projects confidence, power, and importance. Wearing one signals that you mean business and won’t let anything (or anybody) get in your way.

Are there other ways you love to style your pant suit? Please share your ideas in the comments.

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