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The Crochet Poncho – Outerwear Art

Crochet ponchos are real life wearable art giving a cozy, one-of-a kind feeling that only handmade items can give. Today, I look at crochet ponchos and wonder why I never thought about making this during my crochet crazy days seeing that the poncho is more or less an elegant reshaping of a crochet tablecloth.

When I first learned crocheting at age 12, the only type of crochet pieces I remember making were tablecloths, knapsacks (they were the rage then), purses and bags. It was very uncommon to make them into wearable items back then. Now I figure it’s because crochet clothing would be too warm for the tropical climate in Nigeria. Nevertheless, crocheting is a beautiful skill that allows us to weave stories through color and patterns. Still not convinced on why you should own a crochet poncho? Read on.

Why Should I Care About Crochet?

Digging into the African-American history of crochet reveals that crochet was actually a subculture and a coping mechanism for many African Americans. The twirling mindlessness and repetitiveness of it was a soothing relief for anxiety and depression and is still a very relaxing activity enjoyed by many today.

Are Crochet Poncho’s Fashionable? 

In a world where we are all trying to find our place and make meaning, the crochet poncho is the perfect outerwear for women who want to negotiate the world on their own terms, (say no to coats and jackets). It is a very versatile piece of clothing that says,‘ I don’t have to fit in, I can be who I want.’ They are the perfect middle way item to give you an extra layer of warmth in a whimsical manner. Crochet ponchos can be worn all year round; light patterns for spring/summer and bulkier patterns for fall/winter.  Also, the fringe fascination on the runways is a subtle pointer to go get that poncho with tassels and all because 2022 is the year of extras, no more minimalism.

The Crochet Poncho – Outerwear Art

Where Can I Purchase Crochet Ponchos?

If you have the time and skills, you can make a crochet poncho by buying patterns from a site like Ravelry or downloading free patterns from Stitch And Unwind. If you lack time and/or know-how, you can purchase ready-made crochet ponchos online from eBay or from Amazon and if you are looking for beautiful custom made designs check Do you want to share some crochet stories? I’ll be glad to hear them.


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