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Matching Your Hoodie and Joggers in Magnetic Style

When the hoodie and joggers rage began in 2020, I was like huh? I could not understand why my niece was gaga over it. In the hot, humid climate of Lagos, Nigeria she would be donning the thickest hoodie and sweatpants you could imagine, talk about suffering for fashions sake. But alas, I became a humble convert when I saw the unique matching designs that brands were coming up with. Today, I want to share the trendiest hoodies to wear and the funkiest ways to wear them whichever side of the Atlantic you are on.

Play With Color, Detail & Fabric

The African Print Detail

From running errands around the block to meetings, there’s nowhere the hoodie can’t go. When you are picking one to buy, make sure it’s not run of the mill. Add depth by getting a pair with African print detail. Shop my pick from JoeStylee.

Matching Your Hoodie and Joggers in Magnetic Style | Joe Stylee


The Multi-color

An easy way to wear lots of color while looking laid-back. Get a multi-colored hoodie and let color deal. Shop this multicolored hoodie here.

Muti Color Hoodie | Joe Stylee

The Velour Fabric

More durable than velvet and no longer confined to upholstery use, velour gives you the luxe look for less. Keep your active wear, red-hot with fine and fluid uber-soft velour from Pretty Garden.

 Zipper Hoodie | Joe Stylee

The Patterned Hoodie Set

Take your hoodie to star status with print and pattern.  This zebra print hoodie set  nicely sets you off on an artistic athleisure dash.

 Pattern Hoodie Set | Joe Stylee


The Zipper Hoodie

I love the zipper hoodie because it can stand in as a nice casual jacket, layered with a T-shirt or a crop-top but still doing the sweats work.

 The Zipper Hoodie | Joe Stylee

Tips for men & women on styling your matching hoodie and jogger outfit

Head Wraps & Scrunchies

This headband from Gym Wrap will not only wick off sweat and lay your edges but also make you look hot. However, you can’t use a headband alone if you have long hair, you need a scrunchie. The scrunchie is the ultimate hair rescue for all gym girls whether your hair is thin and delicate, medium thick or full thick, there’s a scrunchie that stops the slip.

Fitness Trackers

Keep up with your fitness statistics and the time of day with a sleek fitness tracker like this one from Fitbit.

Jelly Sneakers for Sweet Strides

Childhood memories for 80s kids are incomplete without jelly shoes now they are back with a sneaker twist. Enliven your workout with jelly sneakers.

Fanny Packs

Fanny packs also known as waist packs or bum bags are part of the 80s comeback fashion making waves. Durable, functional, and stylish, men have found a new way to wear fanny packs as cross-body bags.

Fanny Packs | Joe Stylee

Whether you want to flex or relax, tracksuits are a multi-purpose, comfy way to make style statements. With all the customizable options and print designs available, you are going to be spoiled for choice. Which of the accessories listed above are you going to try out?

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