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10 Chic Dresses to Wear With Knee High Boots

Can you wear boots with chic dresses? Some say no, others say it’s an incredibly hard look to pull off, and I say Yes, you can wear boots with dresses. It depends on the type of dress and the style of boot. My focus in on knee-high boots because it can be confusing to know what type of dress to pair them with, as boot season is upon us, and the options are numerous.  

The Power Of Dresses

Let me introduce you to women’s fashion hack No 1 - dresses. Dresses are the fastest, most efficient way to get dressed. Slip one over your head and you’re covered in effortless glam. Dresses give you the best silhouettes to show of your shape and flatter your figure plus, they never go out of style. There’s a dress for every body-type, every life season and every occasion.

Why Chic Dresses Are Good With Boots?

Boots give sass to the sweet vibes of a dress. Think of it as balancing the feminine and masculine and boots can work with any style aesthetic.

Do Knee-high Boots Suit Everyone?

Yes, anyone can wear them as long as they buy the right type to suit their persona. From delicate, to bulky, to wild and color blocked, there’s something for every woman.

Chicest Dresses to Wear With Knee-high Boots

Sweater Dresses

Perfect for fall and winter, the stretch of the knit means that the dress follows all the lines of the body like a bodycon without being tight. Leather knee-high boots work well here.

Chic Dresses | Joe Stylee Sweater Dresses

Photo credit: Pinterest

Smock Dress

Smock dresses have just the right amount of freedom and femininity. Pairing them with knee-high boots makes for an edgy look.

Chic Dresses | Joe Stylee Smock Dress

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Blazer Dress

Think of a blazer dress as a man’s suit jacket with a feminine touch. Probably not office appropriate because of its mini length but can be raised to a level of formality with the right tights and boots.

Chic Dresses | Joe Stylee Blazer Dress
Photo credit: Pinterest

Asymmetric Hem Dress

Also known as the handkerchief-hem dress, an asymmetric hem dress has an uneven hem line which makes it suitable for wearing with boots. Knee-high boots take the hem from casual to tailored.

Chic Dresses | Joe Stylee Asymmetric hem Dress

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Color-block Knit Dress

Comfy, soft, and paneled with blocks of color, knit dresses are the modern woman’s wardrobe staple.

Chic Dresses | Joe Stylee Color-block Knit Dress

Denim Dress

Denim dresses are perfect for fall and winter. Denim is a comfortable and versatile fabric that works well with practically all-types of type of knee-high boots. If you want some extra shine, go for faux leather knee-highs.

Chic Dresses | Joe Stylee Denm Dress

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Wrap Dress

For cinching in waists and enhancing figures, the wrap dress has a special place in our hearts and goes so well with boots.


Chic Dresses | Joe Stylee Wrap Dress

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Floral Dress

Floral dresses are always in because they represent freshness and newness. Pairing a floral with a knee-high boot adds a toughness that balances out the florals.

Chic Dresses | Joe Stylee Floral Dress

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Pinafore Dress

Shaped like an apron, the pinafore dress is worn with under layers that fit closely to the body. Knee-high boots give the pinafore a dignified look.


Chic Dresses | Joe Stylee Pinafore Dress

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African Print-Patch Dress

For women who love color and value uniqueness, the African print-patch dress is a conversation starter; (‘Where did you get that?’ ‘I love your dress!’) and is a nice item to pair with your much-loved, knee-highs. Get one from Joe Stylee and browse the Sis Stylee collection for a beautiful selection of African-inspired dresses.

Chic Dresses | Joe Stylee African Print-Patch Dress

What other dress types are superb with knee-highs? Please share your dress and boots styling experience with us.

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